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All-natural trace mineral solutions infused with
targeted pure light frequencies

Frequency Upgrade

The original all-time favorite, Frequency Upgrade gives you that "energetic boost" when you need it most. If you're feeling "off", low-energy, or just plan "not yourself", a few drops of Frequency Upgrade can supercharge your energy, and get you back in the zone quickly.


Ready for the New You? 

Imagine instantly dissolving unconscious energetic blueprints from old emotional, physical, sexual, or abandonment traumas, as the New You steps up into the light.

These powerful trauma-release solutions are infused with specifically targeted subtle energy frequencies to help you move beyond the past, eliminate free-floating anxiety, and shine on as the New You.
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The NEW YOU Series is here!

Choose your formula below. You'll begin with 3 drops daily in 8 oz. water. For assistance, please contact us at [email protected].

Loving Arms

Specially formulated to help release the energetic residue of emotional abuse trauma or relationship trauma. 
Feel lighter and more present with all relationships, as well as increased self-confidence and calm.

Powerful Presence

Specially formulated to help release the energetic residue of abandonment trauma. 
Users report feeling more powerful, more present, more supported, as well as increased self-confidence, clarity, and enjoyment of life.  

Super Shield

Specially formulated to help release the energetic residue of physical abuse trauma.
Users report feeling more centered, less confrontational, and more secure, as well as a greater sense of well-being in stressful situations.

Easy Intimacy

Specially formulated to assist with the energetic release of sexual abuse trauma. Users report feeling a deeper sense of self-love, an ability to be more fully present in relationships,  as well as increased self-confidence, a more positive outlook, and a sense of new beginnings.

Clean Slate

Often used as a follow-up to a previous New You formula, or as part of an addiction recovery process. Users report feeling lighter, more focused, more at ease, as well as increased self-confidence, a greater sense of calm, more energized, and a sense of hope for the future.



Crystalline Immunity

Originally created to assist with the Covid-19 pandemic, this uniquely powerful formula appears to energetically strengthen the immune system to make it more adaptive to any environmental impact/stress that it might encounter.*


Breathe Easy

An important addition to the Lung Immunity Series, Breathe Easy was designed to energetically release blocks and energy fields that might be affecting and/or slowing the natural healing process in the lungs. 


Fresh Air

As part of the Lung Immunity Series, the Fresh Air formula energetically enhances the body's process of restoring stressed and/or toxin-damaged cells. Often recommended for use following exposure to smoke or other forms of unhealthy air.*




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Fatty Melt

Fatty Melt is infused with energies that are designed to assist with the detox of physical toxins that may be held in the fat cells. It is the first step in the 3 Step Weight Release Trio.*


Lighten Up

One of the powerful formulas in our Weight Release Series, Lighten Up! was designed to assist with the energetic release of emotional toxins that may be blocking weight release. After testing, reports from delighted users have shown that Lighten Up! can eliminate cravings and desires for unhealthy foods.


New Body Sparkle

New Body Sparkle was created to deliver the frequencies that you need to release unhealthy body image beliefs and emotional protection, as it prepares you to celebrate the powerful changes that easily manifest during your weight release process.*


Specialty Series



This powerful formula was created to energetically assist with the treatment of Lyme disease and autoimmune diagnoses. Tested in Germany, the formula was shown to have positive results in the treatment and recovery from Lyme. 


"Clardy’s gift is exceptionally rare. No healer that I know personally or have ever observed is able to access this pure, white light energy like Clardy.
She is unique and her work is remarkable."

Dr. Igor Nazarov
PhD Chemical Physics, MD Experimental Nuclear Physics
Moscow Institue of Technology

"My exercise-induced asthma completely resolved shortly after my exposure to Clardy Malugen’s Crystalline Immunity drops and her Activation Calls that share the Crystalline Immunity frequency. I realized the powerful healing capacity and reached out to Clardy for assistance with my 95 year-old uncle who was testing COVID-19+ in an ALF with a very severe viral outbreak. His symptoms immediately abated and have not returned. I have no doubt that Crystalline Immunity is the cause of his return to health. Clardy’s healing gift appears to have the capacity to alter the course of the immune system or alter the typical disease processes to cease in a manner I have not seen previously. "

Lori Shriner, MD

* The information presented on this website is not based on a medical model of ANY kind.  It is not intended as specific medical advice, nor is it a substitute for professional treatment or diagnosis. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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