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Introductory Evening + Group Healing: April 19 19:00
Saturday Workshop:  April 21 9:00-16:00
Group Healing: April 19 & 21 
Individual Sessions:  April 19-22

"Clardy Malugen is one of the most gifted energy healers of our time. I have personally worked with her for over a year and every area of my life has improved. She is a true gift and an angel on this Earth. "

Christy Whitman
Founder, Christy Whitman Intl., Quantum Success Coaching Academy

"Clardy Malugen is a modern day WIZARD! I can see and feel the difference in every cell and every moment! Life is filled with infinite possibilities that I always knew were there, but dared not let myself feel or experience. It's like a veil has lifted! Clardy is indeed a miracle worker. "

Jackie Lapin
Founder, and

"Clardy has had a profound impact on my life. I am watching my life unfold in a way I only dreamed about before. I feel light, positive, hopeful, inspired, and my sense of curiosity and intrigue has returned. Her energy work is remarkable and gets MEGA results."

Sheryl Meyer
Founder, Wellness in the Park

Introductory Evening

Jumpstart to Miracles!

Thursday 19 April 19:00
Centrum de Roos

Meet Clardy and friends for this fun evening where you'll learn secrets about creating conscious miracles with the Frequency Formula, Clardy's powerful system for releasing blocks and supercharging your life. She'll ask for volunteers to demonstrate Source Field Activation, her healing modality. Tickets: $25

Following the presentation and book-signing, a limited number of tickets will be available for a group healing at 20:15 (details below).  Those who attend the Jumpstart may choose to apply their admission price toward the Group Healing, for a discount of $25.


What Clardy Can Do For You

Clardy Malugen, MA, MFA, founder of the Magnificence Project, author of Let's Manifest Miracles, and creator of The Ten Million Miracles Campaign, is recognized internationally as a uniquely-gifted master healer and master teacher in the realm of consciousness expansion. An expert in the transmission of transdimensional energy frequencies, Clardy works with leaders in the fields of business, entertainment, politics, professional sports, publishing, medicine, and self-empowerment to raise levels of consciousness in their own lives and in the lives of the organizations and tribes that they influence. Her powerful set of tools, including her unique system for identifying and eliminating unconscious behavior patterns, helps facilitate immediate, permanent transformation and expansion.

Also a highly-acclaimed medical intuitive, Clardy assists medical professionals and scientists worldwide with the diagnosis and elimination of debilitating health conditions. As one of today's most respected energy healers, Clardy has been credited with facilitating instantaneous healing processes for many deep-seated emotional traumas, as well as physical disorders such as fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, chronic fatigue, IBS, herniated disks, rotator cuff injuries, knee and neck injuries, pneumonia, bronchitis, smoking addiction, and many others.

Clardy's remarkable work with the transmission of targeted energy frequencies has been credited with shifting the consciousness and personal energy of both individuals and large groups, and can be performed in-person and via Skype/Zoom, phone, or recorded media. Her powerful energy-infused solutions and audio programs, which transfer unique, targeted energy patterns for frequency enhancement and healing, are available at live events and online at


Supercharge Your Life with the Frequency Formula

April 21, 2018  9:30-16:00
Centrum de Roos   Amsterdam

In this powerful workshop, you'll identify your true desires and learn techniques for releasing the unconscious blocks that may have kept you stuck all your life.  We'll reboot your energy, supercharge your life with high-frequency activations, and help you create the blueprint for a New Paradigm of joy, peace, and unlimited abundance.  The Group Healing, held at the conclusion of the workshop, also includes individual work. 

Enrollment is limited to allow time for individual work. Ticket includes participation in the Group Healing, which is held at 15:00.  Ticket:  $240 (approx. 195 Euros)


Healing Opportunities

Group Healing + Individual Transmissions

During these high-frequency events, Clardy works first with the energy of the group, followed by individual scanning and transmissions for each participant.  Two Group Healings will be held at the Roos:  April 19 after the Intro Evening, and Sat., April 21 at 15:00 PM. Cost:  $80 (approx. €65)


Individual Healing Amsterdam + Zutphen

These individual healings are offered in small groups of 3-4 participants, to give more people the opportunity to experience Clardy's work. Each participant works individually with Clardy to release both emotional and physical blocks. This option requires a 15-30 minute reintegration period.  Cost: $150 (approx. €121)


In-Person Individual Private Session

A very limited number of private sessions are offered April 19-22.  Rarely available in-person, they are normally offered via Skype or Zoom. Location to be confirmed, but most sessions will be held at the Amsterdam Hilton.  A reintegration period of 30-60 min. is required. Cost: $500 (approx. €410)


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