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Clardy Malugen, MA, MFA, author of “Let’s Manifest Miracles”, creator of the Frequency Formula and Source Field Activation, and founder of the Magnificence Project, is a paradigm-shifter, miracle strategist, internationally-acclaimed master healer, and master teacher in the realm of behavior adaption and consciousness expansion. Her unique transformational process leads students and clients to merge with what she calls “the Miracle Zone”, an energy state where they can easily manifest joyful, balanced, miraculous lives.

Clardy’s live events and online courses include laser-like insights, cutting-edge tools, and the transmission of high-frequency energy which can be the catalyst for the spontaneous release of physical and emotional blocks and unconscious patterns. The results often include mind-boggling miracles, which seem to consistently show up in the lives of her clients and students…everything from remarkable physical healings to soulmate sightings, financial windfalls, and career advancement.

Also considered to be one today's most gifted master healers, Clardy's remarkable energy work, Source Field Activation, has astonished scientists and medical professionals while profoundly transforming thousands of lives across the globe. According to international physicists who have studied her work, she has the ability to access and transmit a powerful transdimensional energy that can create shifts at the level of the DNA. In laymen’s terms, the energy seems to dissolve old patterns and beliefs that are muddying and blocking the energetic field. Participants report healings of emotional traumas and physical challenges, as well as increased energy and the ability to create conscious miracles and manifest what they want more quickly and easily.

 Clardy was formerly the CEO of a multi-million-dollar bi-coastal entertainment corporation, and creative consultant to many Fortune 500 companies such as Walt Disney Imagineering and NBC Television. Today, her practice includes private work with high-level leaders in the fields of business, entertainment, and self-empowerment, to help expand levels of consciousness in their own lives and in the lives of the organizations and tribes that they influence.

A former resident of Los Angeles and New York, Clardy currently resides in Central Florida with her two sons.

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