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Explore the amazing world of conscious miracles with Master Healer, Clardy Malugen, as you learn to release your unconscious blocks and supercharge your foundational frequency for massive success in every area of your life.

Jumpstart to Miracles!

Say YES to your first miracles with this high-energy online course that gets you the info and tools you need to get started quickly on the path to creating the life of your dreams.


The Miracle Zone's private membership area, MISSION CONTROL, acts as the global headquarters for world-wide transformation and miracle-making.

28 Day Release-a-thon

A powerful 28-Day course designed to help you let go of blocks, capture the spontaneously-released energy, and use it to consciously create miracles.

Miracle Masters

This 90-day group coaching program brings together Miracle Masters from across the globe to share ideas and create massive miracles in their own lives and their communities.

Embracing Money -- The Mastermind

A powerful 30 Day immersion into the world of money, abundance, and limiting patterns that can keep you stuck in the low frequencies of lack and longing.

Accessing the Miracle Zone

This 8 week online course features a cutting-edge, 5-Step System that Eclipses Everything You Thought You Knew about Universal Laws and Manifestation.