Your Life.
Totally Different.

Welcome to the Miracle Zone!


You are being called to enter a field of pure light and power...

a place of total freedom and unlimited possibilities ...
where every area of your life will flourish
in ways far beyond your current imagination.

We call that field the "Miracle Zone".

You'll call it "home".

Meet Your Guide

Clardy Malugen, M.A., M.F.A.
Master Teacher, Master Healer

Creator of the Frequency Formula 
and Source Field Activation

Founder of the Magnificence Project, and author of “Let’s Manifest Miracles”, Clardy is a paradigm-shifter, miracle strategist, internationally-acclaimed master healer, and master teacher in the realm of behavior adaption and consciousness expansion. Her unique transformational process leads participants to merge with “the Miracle Zone”, an energy state where they can easily release the past and manifest joyful, balanced, miraculous lives. 

"Clardy uniquely creates a highly Light-filled space for healing from physical, emotional, and mental challenges and blocks. She weaves her high vibrational healing in all aspects of her interactions to assist us in returning to our Magnificence joyfully. Bringing others to their Spiritual Mastery IS her Miraculous Gift."

Lori Shriner
PTSD Psychiatrist, St. Petersburg, FL

"Clardy Malugen is a modern day WIZARD! I can see and feel the difference in every cell and every moment! Life is filled with infinite possibilities that I always knew were there, but dared not let myself feel or experience. It's like a veil has lifted! Clardy is indeed a miracle worker. "

Jackie Lapin
Founder, Conscious Media Relations &, Los Angeles, CA

"Clardy has had a profound impact on my life. I am watching my life unfold in a way I only dreamed about before. I feel light, positive, hopeful, inspired, and my sense of curiosity and intrigue has returned. Her energy work is remarkable and gets MEGA results."

Sheryl Meyer
Founder, Wellness in the Park, Winter Park, FL

Choose Your Path to the Zone

Online Courses &
LIVE Events

You'll find FUN transformational courses and events for every level at the Miracle Zone Academy.  Work online on your own or make new friends in one of our on-going group courses, featuring live coaching calls and online forums.


Healing Activations & Private Sessions

Imagine a space of high-frequency energy where your old traumas, unconscious blocks, and limiting beliefs simply dissolve and evaporate effortlessly. Join us for an upcoming Miracle Zone Activation or a private session and feel the love...


Meet Your Tribe &
Share the LOVE

Mission Control brings together Miracle Masters and Light Ambassadors from across the globe. We join forces and support each other to create miracles in our own lives, as we facilitate coherence and sustainability across the planet.


Here's What's Up NEXT...

Discover the Secrets 
of the Frequency Formula


Move quickly into the realm of all possibilities with Clardy's powerful masterclass, 
Accessing the Miracle Zone.


Want to shift some energy NOW?

Be a Manifestation Machine in 5 minutes with this fun, FREE frequency activator audio program. Go on now, get thee to the Miracle Zone!


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